Andrea Cook

Not your traditional artist, Andrea Cook is a changeologist. A visual creative human. Passionate about technology. Inspired and empowered by her own divine femininity. Driven by a purpose to inspire change for humans, businesses and communities through her own art and visual storytelling.

In the past three years, Andrea has created a large body of work to include several narratives on change including: Human Tech, Robot Shack and her latest series, Pussy Power.

Her Pussy Power series first debuted at New York City’s Museum of Sex in 2015 and has quickly expanded through the global street art scene. Her Pussy Power art was recently “cherry-picked as one of the finest pieces” in a review of Miami’s Art Basel 2015 by Wallpaper Magazine.

Andrea’s art and narratives can be experienced on social media, through stickers available at her pop-up events in multiple cities and at exhibits and shows internationally.

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Artist Bio

CHANGEOLOGIST: a professional activist who observes and inspires change in ways that alter traditional values, perceptions and identities.

I am a changeologist who believes that today's technology is impacting and changing us as humans, businesses and communities at an exponential rate.

Today's digital era is causing a lot of fear and anxiety. We feel a lack of control as we drown in a techno-sea of new updates, apps and gadgets. Our world is connected, yet disconnected causing new abilities, and disabilities to communicate, learn and grow. Technology has taken root and like nature it transforms us, disrupting our daily lives and our dreams of what we have planned for our future.

Change and technology creates a powerful, life-changing force that can enrich and enhance our lives improving our health and providing great conveniences. It can also disrupt our lifestyles, careers and community, creating confusion and grief.

As technology evolves and alters our lives and the traditions we've followed for generations, humans must render to the shift without losing sight of their identities, values and purpose. My hope is to create imagery that will inspire people to better understand the changes impacting our lives, especially as we adapt, grow and innovate.

My art unravels how the connection of technology and humanity is evolving. Much of my inspiration comes from my professional journey and personal experiences as a career-driven woman and mother of two creative daughters.

Through my paintings, drawings and photography, I share visual stories through a variety of work and styles, all based on changeology.

Some of my favorite themes are my Time Travel, Robot Shack and the most recent series, Pussy Power.

Born and raised in the midwest and now residing in New York City, my career track began during college at Purdue University where I studied visual communication, technical graphics and religious studies. While earning associate and bachelor degrees, I also studied conflict resolution with world leaders like the Dali Lama in Switzerland as a CAUX Scholar and kicked off my creative career with a freelance project that led to becoming a published illustrator for a children's book, The Children's Aviary.

My first post-graduate job was as a designer at Skidmore Owings & Merrill, an architectural firm in Chicago. While designing solutions for clients through way-finding programs, branding standards and campaign strategies, I found that the creative process was where I thrived.

Always seeking to satisfy my craving for creativity, I ventured on my own entrepreneurial path. Launching a boutique communications agency, the first cowork space in Indiana and a few other start-ups, I searched for innovative ways to nurture my internal creative fire and make an impact.

However, in 2014, I relinquished control of the business woman I thought I should be and I realized my true inner passion, purpose and identity as a professional artist. I do not consider myself a traditional artist. I am a changeologist.

It is my desire to inspire you through my art and visual storytelling. Want to join me in the journey? I love to share on Instagram and Facebook and welcome you to join me as I explore new designs, new messages, new creative ventures as a changeologist, artist and visual storyteller.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

The BOX / Group Show

Start date: February 4, 2017

End date: February 5, 2017

Location: Con Artist Collective, 119 Ludlow St, NYC

raffle to support Planned Parenthood

Pussy Takeover: Solo Show

Start date: January 19, 2017

End date: January 31, 2017

Location: The Storefront Project, 70 Orchard St, NYC

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